There are 4 ways you can contact me if you're interested in hiring me for your project:


Email. This works best because I can gather my wits about me before responding, which in turn makes me come across as being more composed and well-spoken than if you were to catch me off guard answering the phone, which provides for a neat segue to the next option...


Land Line Phone. Once we've established communication via email, I'll provide you with my office phone number. But you see, my office phone number is also our home phone number, and we generally only like to receive calls from telemarketers on that line.


Cellular Phone. Since getting an iPhone I'm rarely out of touch, unless I'm fishing. Water and cell phones are rarely a good combination.


Carrier Pigeon. Sometimes this is the only way to reach me when power is out, roads are flooded, and my car phone is turned off.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Kirk Werner
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