Logos. A picture paints a thousand words. However, if your message can't be conveyed visually in a simple manner, then the logo doesn't work. Certainly every client has different needs, and some businesses lend themselves to a busier logo, but it still has to hold up to reproduction at a variety of sizes and minimum of colors. The lowest common denominator is black and white. Aim low.

Business Cards. There's more to business card design than a Word template, a piece of clipart and some text. This is an important promotional tool -- a key element in your branding package. In this day and age of electronic communication, a handshake and the exchange of a nicely designed business card can still carry a lot of weight. Long-live the Rolodex.

Websites. You can have a site that uses a template design or you can have custom-designed site. I can work with your web developer, or recommend someone who will take my design and build it just as I design it. I provide the graphics and layout, but I don't do the technical stuff. That's for grown-ups.

Book Covers. You can supply me with the graphics and I can put it all together to produce a cover that compels customers to pick up the book, look inside, and ultimately buy it. No matter what you need, I've got you covered.

Children's Books. You've written a book and you've hired an illustrator. Now you need someone to design the actual book. I'll lay it all out, indicating where illustrations should go in relation to the text. I'll select the fonts, and put it all together in a format that you will hand off to your printer. Then all you have to do is wait for the final product to roll off the presses.

Other Design Projects. Packaging, labels, games, web banners, etc. The list goes on. If your project requires the services of a graphic designer, I can do it.


Spot Illustration. Sometimes you just need a single drawing to illustrate a point. You can buy a piece of clip-art, in which case a customer will probably say, "Hey, nice clip-art" or you can have me create something unique.

Character Design. Let's say you have an idea for a character or mascot, but you can't even draw a good stick figure. That's where I come in. I can take your input and create a professional cartoon character that represents you or your company. This may be your logo, or it may be used in conjunction with your logo. Or maybe it's just something for fun to be used in promoting your company. Life is too short to take everything seriously.

Children's Books. You've written a book. Now it needs pictures to make it really come alive. My style isn't for everyone, and if I don't feel that I'm right for your book I'll be up front about it. But if I am a good fit for your project, I'll take your words and bring them to life with fun, whimsical illustrations that'll be put a smile on the faces of those who are young, or just young at heart.


2D Animation. I do Flash animations that can be used for the web or converted for other mediums. Flash is a great tool, but if used in the wrong hands it can be dangerous. It's almost unthinkable, but some people learn the software without first knowing how to draw. There's a difference between making something move, and being an animator. Check out my work, and draw your own conclusions.

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